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So basically Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur is no longer far to me. Nowadays I used to travel a lot, lucky that I have this caring boyfriend that giving full support on whatever I need. 

Semalam pergi Sungai Buloh visiting mak kt rumah Kak Eichah. When I think of it, yup, I am likeable by people around, kot? (perasan) I get along so well with his family, hoping this will end happily. Bahagia tengok how Abie treats his mom like a queen, just like how arwah ayah layan nenek. 

Masa dekat dapur, Abie said, 
"Sayang, I dah bincang dengan mak pasal kita. Mak suggest earlier next year kita tunang then few months later kita kahwin. What do you think?"

One of many things I love of him is how he discuss things with me, asking my opinion on decision makings before actually deciding on something. When I think of a two-way relationship, it is about how you give and take, considering opinions and feelings of your partner, then a healthy relationship will come forward. Communication is so important, and that's what we are practising, learning form our past experience, no more ego and high pride, just honesty and consideration. Keeping in touch, no secrets, showing weaknesses and strength. Basically, belajar berkongsi segala apa ada, buang segala apa prasangka, building trust and nurturing love.

"I taknak tunang, sayang, please. Let's just get married." was what I said to him yesterday.

"Okay then, nanti I pergi merisik je okay, then we'll going forward for marriage je." 

That look he gave to me semalam, I see a so much better person than what I know few years back. He changed a lot, so matured, so considerate, so gentleman, responsible, and I know he is ready to be my husband, protector, my guardian. 

What am I feeling nowadays, is unexplainable. Somehow, so strange. There's always a price on everything. Getting back together have cost us a lot. Six years of his heartbreaks, six years of my uncertainty on things, now bila balik semula, banyak dugaan datang pada aku, somehow, walau bertimpa-timpa, I am stronger than ever. With him being here, staying close by my side, giving his full support despite his busy time and little space is more than I need.

Semalam jugak, pergi interview kat Firdaus & Associates Property Professionals (FAPP), Wangsa 118, Wangsa Maju. Interview for Real State Negotiator (REN)/Real State Agent. Senang kata, perunding/ejen hartanah. Entah dari mana, aku fikir nak jump dalam bidang hartanah. Zero experience in that field, little in knowledge, aku redah je interview semalam. It's good to know, bumiputra Melayu punya company is doing so well in corporate business mcm property business ni. Great working ambience, pleasant colleagues, great interview sessions and conversations I had with Mdm. Rahah, the Head of Agent Department. 

She seemed to like me and how I am, right after interview dia cakap, 
"Ida boleh la nak start bila-bila masa. Just notify us, Kita terus buat your namecard". 

Feeling quite surprised, aku angkat kening je and said, 
"Okay Mdm., nanti I follow up with you all balik." 

First time ever in an interview, everything went so well, terus get along so well dengan all staffs and straight away I feel accepted. Part yg tak tahan is when Mdm. Rahah mintak kebenaran nak simpan my one-page resume. Dari mula sampai habis interview, she kept checking out my resume and she liked it. 

So, masih berkira-kira whether or not to accept this job offer. Tukar Master study ke part time, and menceburi bidang hartanah that is fully based on commission, agak la mencabar. I'll be super busy after this, Kuantan - KL will be my travelling habit.

Oh ya, I think it's time untuk aku ke rumah Dinie & jenguk ummi. Nak mintak halal everything and mintak doa yg baik-baik. I think I am ready now. Tempat jatuh lagi dikenang, inikan pula tempat aku pernah menumpang kasih sayang. I am not that kindof person yg akan simply lupakan orang & kebaikan yg ada, especially to those yang aku sayang. I'll treasure them forever. :)


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